Swallow Rings

925 silver rings in the shape of a small Swallow.
For me, the swallow is a very special little bird. It arrives at the end of March, beginning of April here in Milan, along with Spring. Its format is unique and spectacular. When it arrives, making a great racket, swooping, and playing in my courtyard, I feel an incomparable happiness. For me it is a symbol of freedom and joy. The least I could do was dedicate a jewel to it.
I first created earrings and then thought of these rings, to be worn together. Beak to beak, the swallows kiss and flirt continuously. Swallows mate for life, and I think that this ring ensemble is an original alternative to more traditional symbols of love.
The rings are made to be worn on the left hand: they don’t work if shifted to the right. If you would prefer a set for your right hand, send me a message and I’ll prepare it specially for you.
Rings may be sold individually, and still convey the spirit of freedom and joy the flight of the swallow brings us.



The little Beast Collection: Sheila creates insects and cute animals that perch on the body, totally at ease, believing they are in their natural setting. Millipedes, spiders, bees, birds, lizards, large and small. The body is the garden, enchanted and brought to life. Impossible to pass unseen.

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1 Ring, 2 Rings

Ring Size

4 = 14,8mm, 4.5 = 15,3mm, 5 = 15,7mm, 5.5 = 16,1mm, 6 = 16,5mm, 6.5 = 16,9mm, 7 = 17,3mm, 7.5 = 17,7mm, 8 = 18,2mm, 8.5 = 18,5mm, 9 = 18,9mm, 9.5 = 19,4mm, 10 = 19,8mm, 10.5 = 20,2mm, 11 = 20,7mm, 11.5 = 21,1mm, 12 = 21,5mm, 12.5 = 21,9mm, 13 = 22,3mm, 13.5 = 22,8mm