Blanket Necklace

925 silver necklace from the Crochet collection. I created this piece thinking of the square quilts used on my grandfather’s farm. Although it’s not a small piece, it’s very delicate because of the way it’s crafted. It goes well with any outfit, especially simple ones, and allows the jewelry to take centre stage. It certainly won’t go unnoticed.
Dimensions: 5×5.5 cm



Introducing our latest collection, inspired by the intricate artistry of crochet work. Just as a skilled artisan weaves intricate patterns with yarn and needle. This is my crochet version for the jewel.
From delicately woven pendants reminiscent of lace to intricately patterned bracelets and rings that mimic the graceful loops of crochet stitches, every creation in this collection is a celebration of the art form's rich heritage and enduring allure.


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