Crafted from 925 silver, this unique ring features a round ball composed of small, meticulously arranged elements, resembling the intricacies of a nest.
What sets this ring apart is its delightful playfulness. The ball is not static; it moves, inviting you to interact and create your own rhythm. Experience the joy of subtle motion as you wear this handcrafted marvel.

Discover the Nest Collection and add a touch of playful elegance to your jewelry repertoire.



"Nest," a captivating new jewelry collection that pays homage to the intricate beauty of nature. Each piece in this collection embodies the essence of a nest, capturing the warmth, security, and delicate artistry found within. These creations, Sheila's remarkable works, are a testament to the fusion of Brazilian creativity and Italian elegance.
The organic shapes and curves of the silver strands evoke a sense of movement and life, celebrating the beauty that arises when nature and human craftsmanship intertwine.
Each piece tells a unique story, combining the iridescent allure of pearls and the raw beauty of quartz to create wearable poetry inspired by the nest's embrace.


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Ring Size

4 = 14,8mm, 4.5 = 15,3mm, 5 = 15,7mm, 5.5 = 16,1mm, 6 = 16,5mm, 6.5 = 16,9mm, 7 = 17,3mm, 7.5 = 17,7mm, 8 = 18,2mm, 8.5 = 18,5mm, 9 = 18,9mm, 9.5 = 19,4mm, 10 = 19,8mm, 10.5 = 20,2mm, 11 = 20,7mm, 11.5 = 21,1mm, 12 = 21,5mm, 12.5 = 21,9mm, 13 = 22,3mm, 13.5 = 22,8mm