Bluebell Collection

The Bluebell Collection is made up of bouquets of tiny moving bluebells. When they bloom and touch, they produce a delicate sound, creating a sort of company, a sensation of comfort and well-being. Conceived with the intention of having the jewel interact with the wearer. Never alone.

Blossom Collection

The Blossom Collection blooms in minuscule, impressionist and expressionist petals. Flowers grown and assembled under Sheila’s skillful artistry. In blooming, they open up to the world, they surprise you and leave you breathless, that is the goal.

No Gender Collection

The “No Gender” Collection was born of a passion for human beings, and the desire to allow them to express their true essence through personal adornment. Neither male nor female, these jewels are for everyone, genderless and without classification. Simply pure, harmonious and unique beauty.

Wonder Garden Collection

The Wonder Garden Collection evokes gardens, woods and forests, bringing to life the unique dreamlike aspects of trees and foliage. These jewels express the pleasures of nature in all its nuances.

Lace Collection

The Lace Collection is a spectrum of perforated pieces, Sheila’s vision of filigree. Its lace-like quality flashes glimpses of transparent delicacy through its multiple weaves. It calls to mind feminine traditions, the culture of manual work and the delicate embroidery done by the ladies of Minas Gerais.

Basket Collection

The Basket Collection is characterized by settings in the style of baskets into which cut or rough stones, pearls, quartzes and antique jewelry are inserted, transforming them into totally surprising and unusual pieces. Hypnotic.

Little Beast Collection

In the Little Beast Collection Sheila creates insects that perch on the body, totally at ease, believing they are in their natural setting. Millipedes, spiders, bees, lizards, large and small. The body is the garden, enchanted and brought to life. Impossible to pass unseen.

Minas Gerais Collection

The Minas Gerais Collection is Sheila’s return to her Brazilian origins. Inspired by the quartzes that
sparkled from the ground, when, as a child, she rode over her grandfather’s farm. These rough
crystals now bloom like flowers, set in rings, necklaces and earrings.

Nest Collection

“Nest,” a captivating new jewelry collection that pays homage to the intricate beauty of nature. Each piece in this collection embodies the essence of a nest, capturing the warmth, security, and delicate artistry found within. These creations, Sheila’s remarkable works, are a testament to the fusion of Brazilian creativity and Italian elegance.
The organic shapes and curves of the silver strands evoke a sense of movement and life, celebrating the beauty that arises when nature and human craftsmanship intertwine.
Each piece tells a unique story, combining the iridescent allure of pearls and the raw beauty of quartz to create wearable poetry inspired by the nest’s embrace.

Crochet Collection

Introducing our latest collection, inspired by the intricate artistry of crochet work. Just as a skilled artisan weaves intricate patterns with yarn and needle. This is my crochet version for the jewel.
From delicately woven pendants reminiscent of lace to intricately patterned bracelets and rings that mimic the graceful loops of crochet stitches, every creation in this collection is a celebration of the art form’s rich heritage and enduring allure.