A dynamic Brazilian national, Sheila Cunha divides her time between Italy and Sweden. She has lived in Milan since 1997. Sheila studied as an artisan in goldsmithing at the Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana in Milan. A skilled designer with a watchful eye, her elegant style  is imprinted on  each of her creations, which are brought to life with gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones and pearls. Inspired by the shapes found in nature and discoveries made throughout her travel experiences in far flung places, Sheila creates unique pieces which capture the imagination and inevitably delight the eye and heart of the wearer. Sheila uses multiple techniques to create her collections and has a unique and recognizable style. Her work can be described as “raw, refined and touching”. Sheila is frequently invited or selected to participate in the most important jewelry shows in Italy, Europe and Brazil.

“Jewelry, an ancient art. Nature’s treasures, reshaped, reborn,
through creativity, the desire to please and enchant.
The artist’s hands awaken and work metal with fire,
softening and sweetening it, filling it with passion.
The fusion of thought, silver or gold, embedded stones,
with the elegant balance of density and light, express true poetry.
Precious in every sense, it becomes jewelry, and life is revested in beauty.
Pure beauty.”